Thursday, 30 July 2009


I thought for a second I wasn't going to be able to see my muffins! Kelly and Todd. BUT, everything is fixed now:] I have to leave the 10th now though. To London, DC, ATL, Peachtree City, Valdosta, WARTOWN:D then back to Valdosta. But it's alright, as long as I get there. I'm happy.

I just received the list of things I should bring when I get to VSU. I can't bring half the stuff cause I will only have a we have to buy it all when we get there. I have to get a lot of stuff sent to me too. I am so excited:D everyone there looks so old though. I think it might just be seniors in the pictures though. I hope. I feel like I look like a kid compared to them. I'm excited I get to see family too. I haven't seen them in just as long. Wow, I'm still shocked I'm going back. I've changed a lot.

I think Georgia just makes me happier:]


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