Wednesday, 22 July 2009


So I talked to him.
Apparently Raven is telling people I'm pregnant? I am definitely not. Of coarse it's probably one of her failed stunts to create attention. Although, maybe she will realize one day, it's only creating negative attention. Bloo needed to know the truth after he heard about that. I thought maybe he would have something more to say. Turns out he did; More rubbing it in my face of things I've done wrong. I think maybe he finally realized how bad I feel about it, and how miserable I have been since he's left. He said he had to go, and that he'd be back in a second. That second has turned into two days. I don't blame him, although Goober is on the same time frame, I talk to him all the time, but Bloo doesn't have his own computer. I feel like he might have been the one. That almost sounds crazy, in fact I know it does. But I'm still having trouble picturing myself without him. I guess it's my fault. It's both of our faults. I don't even know how I'm coping now. Everyday just gets harder and harder. I'm sure I'll be fine eventually. Who knows what the future holds for me.

On the bright, yet, dim side I've had some quite lovely evenings lately. Getting my mind off things is easily done when I'm with my friends. In fact, when I'm with people I barely know also. I'm not as shy anymore, and that makes me happy. What I'm afraid of, is what happened when I moved here, to happen when I move to Georgia. I turned into a completely different person, I was so shy all the time and I was so quiet. I think the amount of curious people caused me to feel overwhelmed.

I am so annoyed with guys hitting on me. Can we not just be friends, PLEASE?! Don't complain because I turned you down, I'm not going to date you or even try to get to know you like that if I'm clearly not over my ex. Not again, I can't. I'm not even ready for anything like that.

Speaking of ex's, my ex from Georgia?.... is trying to get me to hang out with him so we can catch up. Uhmm, not thinking that's a good idea at all.

hm. I wish things were different.


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