Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The Choice

So, it was either;
stay and be continually reminded of the things I've done wrong so that I would never do it again, while he is off with other girls and I'm just patiently waiting on him to be done so that I know how it feels. Which I find quite strange, why would you do the same thing that hurt you the most, to someone else? OR Leave, and find someone new, start over.

I do care a lot about him. But I also don't need that. I can't really say what I am deserving of. But I will not let myself be miserable. Yes, I made a mistake, A huge one, I have realized the consequences. But he made a huge mistake too, by making me choose. I think so anyways.

I chose leaving. I think I made the right decision. I'm not going to live a life of regret of something I did when I was single. Something that I wish every day that I could take back. He will maybe realize one day how much I do wish he wouldn't have done that.

I do hope that he finds someone nice, beautiful and that makes him happy. I've seen him when he is happy, and it's nice. I do hope he does. Even if that means I'm not the one making him happy.

I'm ready to move on...I think.
Maybe with time, but I am moving in a week.
shouldn't be too hard, right?


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