Saturday, 1 August 2009

Still Alive

Everything is getting to be so much easier.
I am at Juliana's and have only acquired two hours of sleep. it's 10:19 in the morning and I'm doing okay. Last night was fun, time flew by so fast. First we made a video, and then Brad showed up and we went back to Juliana's. We took pictures. We made another video. We went back to her house again. The we were invited over to a sausage fest at Austin's house, haha. There were so many guys....It was kind of fun though:]. We sort of stole Marcus and Tim's hats, and took pictures with them. We ended up getting kicked out of his house, and then Juliana was really paranoid cause we kind of snuck out. It was like 3 in the morning though. It was fun:] We came back to her house and edited one of the movies. I'm still working on the other one. I might stay the night again;D

9 more days.


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