Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Why do I even care, it's not like you do.....:|

I'm excited to see Betsy again. I get to hang out with her on Friday, I think Britta will be there too. I'm not really positive. I never ever get to see them because they're always so busy. This is the last itme. I have 6 more days here. I'm actually quite sad that I'm leaving. I feel like I grew up here even though it was only two years. I feel like I've known everyone here for so long, and yet time flew by so fast. I remeber every detail of everything the first week I was here and now everything is so different and it's my last week. I'm happy to go back. but this is going to suck. I know anxiety is going to hit me like a big yellow bus as soon as I get there. I saw picture of the dorms on facebook. They're okay I guess. they don't look comfy or homey at all:( I don't like wood floors ugh. I feel like i'm being picky. but oh well I guess. it's my home for the next year and I'm going to have to deal with it. It's a really pretty campus though. It looks ginormous:0
and I'm going to have to walk everywhere. I'm going to be super fit ha. It's going to be weird though, everyone will be trying to settle in and basically I'm going to get there put my shit down and leave. ha. I'm going to try to bring a bunch of posters and stuff to put up so it doesn't look so boring and dull. I hate white rooms. Like mine now for instance. but it's alright. I'll deal. I'm excited to meet new people:] college people seem to be more outgoing. aaah.
this is all so crazy. I can't believe I'm going to college. I keep talking to all these people from Georgia that I haven't talked to in so long. This all feels like a dream. and some nights, even a nightmare. speaking of which, I can never sleep anymore. I think it's pretty obvious why but it sucks. I really sleep MAYBE tops, about 5 hours a night. ugh. I need a boyfriend. ughh. :(

6 more mo' fuckin' days SON.


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