Friday, 18 September 2009

Man Oh Man

I just got the sweeeeeeetest comment from someone I didn't expect to ! but, he talks to me a lot more now, it's probably not as awkward as it was before.....and I think he can agree. haha.
I miss my England friends so much! I cannot wait to see them again next summer:)

Woah, last night was crazy! that's all I gotta say. I left a lot of details out when I told James. haha. I'm not sure what's up with 27 year olds these days. hahahaahaha...

I get to See the Fall of Troy and Minus the Bear:) I'm so excited. that one, I'm going to FERSURE. people keep inviting me to go to concerts, and then I don't really know if I'm going. or I get mean mugged from their girl friends cause they talk to me a lot. about the show. and then they stop talking to me....cause of their girlfriend haha.

I get to see all my theatre friends perform in Almost, Maine tonight! I'm so excited! I think they'll do so well.

I am in such a good mood:)



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