Sunday, 13 September 2009

& I said, "I would try for you"

I miss having someone.
I miss my best friend.
I'm seriously going to start working out more.
I don't want the freshman 15:(
and I'm not talking about the band.
laundry takes way too long here.
some st00pid was trying to compete his music with mine, uh, lame.
Kanye is a meanbean for what he said to Taylor Swift! I would've cried.
I'm kinda mad at someone, but I guess I should take my brothers advice about it.
And Kelly told me what to do and how to handle it;) cause she is good at these things.
Only one class tomorrow, and then I'm photographing some head shots of Jeffrey and then going to walgreens to develop them:)
and I need to reserve a ticket for Almost, Maine. I'm excited to see all my friends preform:)
Ugh, I'm so angry I'm not in England to be there for Bethany.
Everyone always blows up at her all at once, and then she has no one to run to.
I wish I was there to give her a huge hug and tell her everything's going to be okay.
I miss club beyond and Dale's talks with us. He was always my favorite speaker.
I'm prayin' for Bethany.
Speaking of which, I've been reading the bible pretty much every night lately. It puts me in a better mood.
I wish I had someone.
I think about that all the time lately.



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