Saturday, 12 September 2009

Explosions in the Sky

It's 3:00 am, it's raining and I have no one to cuddle with. hmm.
I cannot wait till the 10th of October. I just found out someone from England that lives here now, know people that I have just recently met. This is such a small world.
I like the phrase "moo cow" that my cousin says. I makes me shmmile:)
I might be going to Florida to see A Day to Remember and I See Stars. Who knows though I guess.
I'm so afraid of change.
I sometimes wish things could be like they were before summer of 2008.
those were good times; those were happy times.
we were care free, and I miss that.
I'm so consumed with having this surreal mindset that....I honestly don't know how to describe or put into words.
I have changed.
What am I doing wrong?
I never feel as if I am good enough for the people I want to keep in my life.
I feel like all the wrong people go for me, and I go for all the wrong people.
maybe I don't, but I am bad at keeping them.
Kelly told me I will find someone, and I hope she is right.
I miss how things used to be,
but I'm glad things changed, I needed it.
I talked to Drew and John Cooper today! that made me pretty happy because I honestly can't usually carry on a good conversation with them, unless it's in person. John said he got quieter, which is weird to think about. I miss "Johndre" haha, they were always fun.
I am so sleepy now. I don't like sleeping alone. So I stay up until I just pass out.
which I think is about to happen.

sweet dreams,


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